Why Burmese?

As a breed Burmese are very connecting cats.  They love to sit in your lap, and they’re inquisitive and playful.  They’ll follow you around seeking out your company and they’ll also happily take themselves off to bask on a window sill in the sunshine.


They love both adults and children alike, and form special bonds with you if you let them.

The Malaika Difference

We provide you with well-adjusted, happy, outgoing kittens – superb pets for life.

We breed for a happy healthy playful pet and our kittens come with excellent pedigree, with Champions and Grand Champions in their lineage.  The sires we use are current Champions and Grand Champions.


Our kittens are the best of breed and we’re proud of them.  To ensure that they start off with the right nutrients, they each come with two free packs of Natural Instinct Weaning Paste.

All our kittens come GCCF registered, fully vaccinated, socialised, weaned, litter-trained and wormed.  You’ll also receive a full pedigree and a month’s free kitten insurance.

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