Why Malaika?

Christine says: "I grew up in Kenya with many cats and I was smitten by my first Burmese there.  Malaika is Swahili for angel - these cats are creatures from heaven." Basingstoke, 01256 473420

The Malaika Philosophy

At Malaika Burmese we’re bats about cats.  We got into breeding because we love having cats and kittens around, and we love seeing happy people leave with bundles of joy we know they’ll treasure for a lifetime.  It’s such a pleasure to receive photos of them all settled in their new homes, obviously contented and happy, and later as fully grown cats.


We’ve been breeders for many years now, and have reared dozens of happy kittens.  We treasure every one that’s born and start interacting with them from when they’re very tiny.


They’re born in their special place in our lounge, with their own special playground.


We connect with them every day and, as they grow older and more confident, they take over the whole lounge – then, room by room, the house!


Many people come to visit them during their stay with us and the kittens have plenty of adults and children to play with.  By the time you get to take one home they’re happy, confident, well-adjusted, playful snugglers.­­­

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